5 Quick Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous at All Times

5 Quick Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous at All Times 1

The people of today lead extremely busy lives. In fact, it’s considered to be a symbol of status in modern society (NBC News). If you are one of the perpetually busy people, you don’t have much time for an elaborate beauty routine. Using a few simple tricks will help you make sure that no one ever notices your lack of time for getting ready in the morning.

How to Always Look Your Best: Top 4 Quick Beauty Tips for Busy People

Bold lipstick + good complexion = perfect makeup

Don’t have the time to apply makeup in the morning? Use lipstick in bold colours and lightly touch your eyelashes with mascara. You’ll create the illusion of a pro makeup due to the lips.

If you have good complexion on top of it, you will be able to forget about foundations and concealers by default. To achieve this you’ll need to find the perfect skincare products for you and stick to your routine diligently. You won’t need much time to apply the needed cream and moisturizer. And you can leave lengthy beauty procedures, like face masks and exfoliation, for the weekends or evenings when you aren’t pressed for time. As long as you stick to the right skincare routine, your complexion will continue to improve. Thus, you will need to spend less time getting ready in the morning.

Flyways stick out from your hairdo? Use a toothbrush

Pulling your hair in a ponytail or some other quick hairdo is a good way to save time on washing. However, what if your efforts are ruined by flyaway hairs?

Comb them with an old toothbrush. You’ll need to spray it with a hairspray first and then comb gently so you don’t ruin the hairdo completely. Toothbrush bristles will be more effective than a comb because they will get the styling product on every little hair. As you might need to repeat the process again, be sure to keep an old toothbrush in your office so you can get a quick hairdo fix anytime. For more quick hair hacks, check this post. From it you’ll learn how to make your hair look thicker and healthier, how to replace dry shampoo in a pinch, and many other useful tricks.

Colour those eyelashes permanently

Much like having a good complexion saves you time by removing the need to apply concealer and foundation, colouring your lashes allows you to skip mascara.

You’ll need to get this treatment in a good salon and only from an experienced professional. Colouring your lashes should be safe, but any mistake during the procedure can have severe consequences. Never agree to the treatment without testing the dye first.

Organize your beauty products

Have all your necessary beauty products organized and within easy reach so you don’t waste time looking for them. Make sure all your creams, makeup, and even hairpins are lined up in the evening. This way, when you wake up, you only need a second to get exactly what you need.

Choosing eyeshadow and lipstick colours (along with your outfit) in the evening will cut down your getting ready time greatly.

Draw a perfect winged liner with the help of a spoon

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Winged liner remains one of the main makeup trends and this situation isn’t going to change
anytime soon. It just looks too good not to because it can give definition to your eyes in a
second. The issue, however, is that it looks amazing only when those wings are perfectly drawn,
which is a challenge.
A simple spoon can help you solve this problem and cut down the time you need to apply perfect
makeup. Hold its stem against the outer corner of your eye when drawing a line with your
eyeliner pencil. Next, flip the spoon and cover your eye with it. Draw another line following its
rounded edge. Then, fill out the space between two lines with the same eye pencil or liquid
You can also apply mascara when holding that very same spoon over your eyelid. This way, you
will prevent smudges, which can ruin carefully applied eyeshadow.