5 Best Rules Followed In Japan That We Need To Adopt

5 Best Rules Followed In Japan That We Need To Adopt 1

Well, we can explain to you how Japanese children are amazing, polite, and of a friendly nature. But they never let their feelings to run the surroundings wild. They are active by heart. And it is the reason you will hardly find any child roaming in the streets of the supermarket. But always remember that there are exceptions to the rule. And here we have learned the ways of some upbringing tricks from the parents of Japanese children. And here we are with the central principle followed to raise the children in Japan.

The relationship between a mother and the child is very tight.

5 Best Rules Followed In Japan That We Need To Adopt 2

There is a deep connection between a mother and a child. Mothers are very caring for her children, and they always sleep together. A mother still tries to be around her kid. Also, in the past, the mother would use something that is resembling a baby sling.

The bond is full of emotions. Mother will accept everything that her child plans to do. And hence for them, their children are always perfect.

According to the primary rules, it was out that until the child turns five years old, then they get permission to do whatever they want to do. Foreigners always try to see their permissiveness and the overindulgence. But in this case, they still get mistaken. And it will help the children to know what they do.

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The upbringing system in Japan

5 Best Rules Followed In Japan That We Need To Adopt 3

All the people are creative and equal in this case. According to the upbringing system, it was out that children are always perfect before they turn five years old. They act like the servants from the age of five to fifteen. And after fifteen they get the treatment as the parents. But still many are people are not able to understand the system with the way of thinking and then misinterpret it.

5 Best Rules Followed In Japan That We Need To Adopt 4

At the very first stage, parents love their children endlessly. And for the second stage, there is vanishing in parent love for children, but they teach their children the rules of their society. And later they get the point that why they have born in the world. And for the third stage, the children become a full member of the society.

Japanese knows the importance of the family

5 Best Rules Followed In Japan That We Need To Adopt 5

As a rule in Japan, mothers are responsible for raising the child. It is all because they get a lot of time together. And parents will never ask the grandparents to babysit the child, and even they do not hire some babysitters for them. And children love spending time with their relatives and grandparents. Families always try to support and protect their children from any harm. They teach them good things. Thus there is a warm relationship between children with their family members.

Parents are the role models of the children.

5 Best Rules Followed In Japan That We Need To Adopt 6


The result is after an experiment with Japanese and European mothers. They got for constructing a pyramid. The Japanese mother built the pyramid by herself and then asked her child to repeat the same. The children failed in the activity for once, but they never lost hope and tried rebuilt the same.

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European mother taught her child to built the pyramid and then asked the child to make it. And hence it was the conclusion for the Japanese mother that they ask their children to do the way as they want whereas on the other hand European mother ask her child to do as she says. They had not given any example to do. Japanese will never ask to do the procedures as they get the request to do it. They always give an example first by performing it.

Japanese pay attention to the emotions

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Japanese teach their children to live collectively in society. They teach them to observe and respect the things and feelings of others. They will never make them feel ashamed and embarrassed. They always understand the emotions of other people. Japanese will never say that they are the best in every matter. They always have a calm and loving attitude towards children.