5 Best Tricks To Save You From The Big Troubles

5 Best Tricks To Save You From The Big Troubles 1

Every new coming day, the driver seeks help on the different car forum, and hence they try to find answers through this technique. They want the answers to the questions that arise in their mind like why there is cold air in the glove compartment while the car gets heated up. The car drivers wanted to know such things to solve the mystery that they face. They tried to address many other problems. Also, they want to help you by letting you know the essential facts about your car and what to do when you face an emergency situation.

Here we are with some of the tricks about the car that you will know that a car driver must know. Also, in the end, you will find that you are always protective while you will sit in the car.

You can use the glove compartment as the fridge.

5 Best Tricks To Save You From The Big Troubles 2

Well, in the present generation cars, you will always find a bonus glove compartment. It is like a vent such that you can open so that the air will come inside from air conditioner. You cannot even freeze the streak in the glove compartment, but then also you can use it to cool down the drinks with you and even store food when you are on the way.

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Many people still argue that how useful the fridge can be really for you as some people think that it is an unnecessary hole in the compartment. But on the other hand, many other people feel that it is the most convenient for you. Many other people buy the hose so that they can create a fridge in their car.

Telescopic wheel wrench

5 Best Tricks To Save You From The Big Troubles 3

Well, many situations occur when you will have to change the wheel of your car by yourself. But in such a case the wrench on the right side is the best tool. You can make it more prominent with the help of a tube such that you can turn it into the telescopic wheel wrench. It will be comfortable for you if you use your weight to unscrew the nuts.

Insert the screw in the tier of the car so that you can drive it to a mechanic.

5 Best Tricks To Save You From The Big Troubles 4

Well, during your whole life experience with driving, then you must have faced the situation when someone points at your car tier. And hence they let you know that there is leakage in the car tier. But not everyone among you keeps the toolkit in their car. Therefore we will have to remove the whole wheel so that you would be able to drive to it.

5 Best Tricks To Save You From The Big Troubles 5

You can screw to close the leakage for the short period as you can find in the picture. But the solution is temporary for you so that you can safely drive to some mechanic nearby.

Make the solution of the water with the anti-freezing properties.

5 Best Tricks To Save You From The Big Troubles 6

In the warmer climate, most of the people wanted to save money. Hence they use the regular water instead of with the anti-freezing properties to wash the windshield. But the tank inside your car can deform or crack when it is the colder climate outside. Also, some of the car drivers can use the anti-freezing properties when the temperature during the nighttime goes below zero, but when the temperature is above zero, the liquid gives a foul smell. But if you do not want to destroy, then you can use the solution such that you will have required anti-freeze and it would not damage your tank even.

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The screwdriver will help you put the oil in the car.

5 Best Tricks To Save You From The Big Troubles 7

Well, it is difficult to put the oil in the tank of the car without letting it spill out. But in such cases, a screwdriver can help you a lot. The basic principle behind this is same as the bar spoon for the cocktails. The procedure is much simple and easy because it is easy to wash away the screwdriver after such use.