5 Best Working Methods To Control Your Body

5 Best Working Methods To Control Your Body 1

Under many situations, you must have experienced the awful headaches, but then you might be much busy such that you cannot even take a pill to cure that pain. Our brain is the primary and central organ to the functioning of other parts of the body. Hence you can follow specific steps to reduce the pain through minding such tricks. Here with the article, we will teach you the method to regulate out some conditions. Here are we with some skills for you to control your body with other organs.

Touch a particular spot on the arm to get rid of the anxiety.

5 Best Working Methods To Control Your Body 2

We generally name this particular spot to be the “Spirit Gate.” And when you press it, then it helps you to relieve out of anxiety and worry. Turn your palm in the upward motion and then find the tendon that will come at the base of your little finger. You will heer find one soft spot inside of the cord. With your index finger of the other hand, press that weak point. Now inhale in and exhale out very calmly. It is the best method to calm you and helps you to face the most challenging situation. Now you can confidently speak in the open speeches and many other stressful situations.

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Squeeze the thumb to ease down your gag reflex.

5 Best Working Methods To Control Your Body 3

If you have the gag reflex, then you need to follow some specific steps with the left thumb to get relieved from the pain very quickly and easily. Squeeze the left thumb in the left fist to get rid of the pain. Well, nobody knows the real working of the trick, but one fact is out that the dental patients use the method most probably. It acts as the pressure point in the palms so that they calm down quickly.

Press the inner ear point of reflexology if you will face the stomach bug.

5 Best Working Methods To Control Your Body 4

When you suffer from the stomach bug, you may feel low. But here pressing the inner ear point can help you to get relieved from the condition. It is a small point that locates on foot on its top surface between baby and fourth toe. A human body has two of such positions. Now here the knuckle of the index finger will complete the function by pressing the point as hard as you can. But be careful that the pressing does not turn out to be painful for you. Now massage the inner ear points on both the feet for at least thirty seconds.

Cold water is the best strategy to calm down yourself.

5 Best Working Methods To Control Your Body 5

Well, anger is the worst situation you will ever find yourself. And hence in that very condition, you cannot handle yourself emotionally. You have not even noticed that after you dive into the cold water, your brain feels relaxed and refreshed. Well, you must not wonder about it as the cold water helps in utilizing oxygen in a prominent way and with efficiency. And next time now if you will feel that your emotions are not in control then you need to splash your face or you need to put the hand under some cold water. Now you will take decisions in the most relaxed way.

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Ice cubes are best to get rid of the toothaches

5 Best Working Methods To Control Your Body 6

Well, with the trick, there are two more associated tricks. If you have some toothache, then you can put ice in the mouth around the tooth where you feel pain. But it turns out to be the temporary treatment for you. But the situation is best if you do not have some medicine for its treatment.

But the idea is not good for those who have sensitive teeth. The next when you will feel the pain, then use the ice cube to place it on the back of your hand. Start rubbing an ice cube on the area between your thumb and the index finger.

Well, I know these are the scientifically proven tricks. But many other people know some other methods to use them efficiently. I believe that you will share them with us.