5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body

5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body 1

Well, there is no doubt to think that we can control our body with our reactions and ways. On the next, our body commands us with the responses. But then we can’t manage most of the physical process. All these actions make us feel uncomfortable for the number of times. These actions include the emergency to pee when there is no toilet around you, feeling sleepy when it is the exam time, or the third one can be unclear throat when you have to give a speech. These situations are widespread but are unpleasant on the other hand. You can find the number of changes if you find the best and the right approach to your body.

5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body 2

Here we are with some life hacks that might help you to trick yourself and hence makes your life comfortable than before.

Blow the air on your finger to slow down the heartbeat.

5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body 3

An increased heartbeat often leads to the stressful life. And it is evident that your heart starts beating fastly when the time is for the critical presentation or going to the date. You usually feel scared when you commit a mistake in your work.

But don’t worry because we can prevent you with the suitable solutions. You need to blow on your thumb as your thumb has its pulse rate. It will help you calm down and bring the pulse down.

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5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body 4

Another method to have self-confidence is to put your thumb in mouth and blow. It is the simplest way so that you can stimulate the vagus nerve, feel calmer, and slow down the heart rate.

To feel relieved from the pain shift your body weight to one side.

5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body 5

Well, it is the case with most of the people that they get under the sudden body pain on the one side of the body. You may slow down and can stop running. The reason behind this cause is lack of warm up. Thus after jogging the blood flow increases. Therefore, it does not get redistributed easily. The blood gets accumulated in the liver and the spleen.

The covering present on these organs receives a push from inside when they get full of blood. And hence you feel the extreme pain on the side. Athletes have discovered one proven method so that you can deal with the painful problem. You need to slow down your speed and then exercise to shift the body weight to the other side from where the pain is coming. Breath out while turning your body. After the repetition, the pain will go away.


A quick warm up to get relieved from the numbness in the hands.

5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body 2

Most of us experience the numbness or tingling in the fingers. It might cause some uncomfortable routine. And to reduce such pain, you warm up your hand by twisting. The exercise is right for your hands, but we have one best way to get rid of it. For this, you need to turn your head.

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5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body 7

Our nerves squeeze, and hence our limbs get numb which run through your neck. And therefore, now you need to warm up your muscles and get relieved from the pressure. You will get rid of the unpleasant sensation in your hands. It is the best method especially when you go for a long drive.

Ear massage can turn uncomfortable for the throat.

5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body 8

The throat tingling cannot sometimes stop even after coughing or with the glass of water. If you want to get free from such discomforts then preferably massage your ear from inside. It often occurs due to muscle spasms. You may stimulate the nerves, and hence this will help the throat muscles to relax and remove contractions.

Coughing eliminates the pain from the shot.

5 Unusual Controlled Reactions By Your Body 9

Everyone wants to get free from feelings of the shot. But the issue is you can very quickly with these simple tricks. Coughing helps to ease the pain. It generally happens due to shifting of attention of one person. So to get free from them you can listen to music or watch a movie. You need to distract yourself.