6 Awesome Tricks To Massage Your Partner’s Body

6 Awesome Tricks To Massage Your Partner's Body 1

Well, sometimes you want to supply a massage to your relatives or your partner then it is the best way you can go for it. It is evident that if you’re going to give a massage to the person, then you need to follow up some special rules. It is because the procedure would have contraindications and you would learn them at the end. Well, the article would prove to be unique for you in this case.

Here we are with some tested methods to massage and the tips. We even recommend these to you.

Try to establish a relaxing atmosphere for yourself and the person sitting there for a massage.

6 Awesome Tricks To Massage Your Partner's Body 2

Remove the products that would disturb you and your partner before doing your job. Especially it is the case for your phone. Now prepare a comfortable place for your work and your partner. Turn on music with mild sound, candles to produce a dim light with power off other ones, a warm massage oil to massage the body, and a couple of towels. Towels will be good used to cover the area that you might have pressed.

Start massage with the feet.

6 Awesome Tricks To Massage Your Partner's Body 3

Well, to your unknown facts let us explain the importance. Our feet carry a lot of tension. And hence it is good for you to massage the foot by applying the full pressure on the surface. But also make sure not to harm much by pressing a lot. Now next step is to move to the rear surface of the leg by massaging in the circular motion. It would be better to avoid the area under the kneecap. Now slightly apply the pressure to the muscle and move from shin to the thigh. When your work is over with one leg, then cover it and move to the next.

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Massage the back and the shoulders

6 Awesome Tricks To Massage Your Partner's Body 4

Now legs are ok with it. It is the turn to move on the lower back. Well, nobody will recommend you to apply pressure on this area. But here you would require to massage your muscles slightly and later move to your spine to both the sides in the sweeping motion. Your palms must be perpendicular to each other. Now move on to the back and the shoulders. Try to apply the pressure with the help of the fingers. For the joints, you need to use even more trouble with the help of your fingers. Thumb will help you in this case. But remember not to go much far away.

Now the turn is for the arms.

6 Awesome Tricks To Massage Your Partner's Body 5

Put the arms of your partner on the back and then massage them. You need to apply the whole pressure of the arms to the surface. But with that, you should not forget about the forearm muscles. Keep your motion strong, but that must be smooth. Now with your thumbs, take their palms to massage them. The proposal must be circular. Fingers are crucial to get a massage.

Head is to massage at the end.

6 Awesome Tricks To Massage Your Partner's Body 6

Now your partner needs to flip cover and hence cover their body using a towel. Your thumbs will be useful to massage top of the head. It will be good to scratch slightly to apply pressure and cause a sensation. Your thumb and forefinger will work for your lobes and the ears to pressurize for at least thirty seconds. By placing your palm on the face of your partner, you can massage the forehead of him using your thumbs. It will even help to go for the area between your eyebrows. Now the end is to press your temples.

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Keep in mind your medical

6 Awesome Tricks To Massage Your Partner's Body 7

Do not massage the body if there are moles and the skin lesions. Also, remember that your partner should not have any spine problem or the coagulation disorders. Do not press if there are some thrombosis and the damaged blood vessels or the high body temperature.

The trick will end you unique massage.

6 Awesome Tricks To Massage Your Partner's Body 8

Rub the oil on your hands before giving the massage. In case of sensitive areas, you must use your fingertips instead of your palms.