6 Best Internet Hacks To Simplify Your Life

6 Best Internet Hacks To Simplify Your Life 1

Well, these days our life has become nothing without internet. Our most of the world’s population depends on it. And if you are the reader of this article, then you are one among the users. And many of us use the net on a daily basis, and you think of using the report in the most efficient possible way then here are some tricks that can make your life easy and quick. And some of them already the fact behind the saying. We will here describe some of those facts.

Also, if you will listen to the thoughts of other people, then you will understand their views. Those personalities describe it as the more you will learn the more you will realize that how much you can do for it. Here we are with some simple and effective tricks useful to you.

The tricky way to move on the next cursor

6 Best Internet Hacks To Simplify Your Life 2

Well, it happens with most of the people that they forget to add some word in the message they have typed. But the trick you will follow here will save most of your time, and I am sure you will love it too.

Click on the hold down the spacebar, and now it is easy to move your cursor from bottom to top or right to left. Moving in any direction is easy. And now the trick is brilliant and straightforward for you. I am wrong that it saved your time?

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Move to the next cursor

6 Best Internet Hacks To Simplify Your Life 3

It is the second possible way to move to the next cursor, and I am sure you will love it. It is called the magnifying glass trick. You would need to click on the magnifying glass until it makes an appearance on your screen. Now it is possible to move it in any direction by placing the cursor wherever you want its position on the text. The trick is straightforward and easy for you. And I am sure it will save a lot of time.

Trick to create a strong password

6 Best Internet Hacks To Simplify Your Life 4

Well, I think there are hardly a few people who do not know the use of the internet these days. Online shopping is the best site for people to use the most. Also, we perform banking techniques and use it for the social communication process. Many people use the same to create safe passwords for their apps. It is highly relevant and the required step to follow.

Now you will not require to use simple letters or the numbers for your password because the internet has introduced accented characters for you. You need to hold on your finger on the message, and you will see the available styles.

Tricks by which you can check if a website is safe to use or not

6 Best Internet Hacks To Simplify Your Life 5

There are millions of sites available on the internet. But you always try your best to avoid many of them because they might not be safe to use for you. You need to copy and paste a given site http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=example.com in front of the address bar to check if it is safe or not.

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In the above example of the site, you need to replace the word example.com with the name of your site.

The trick to log out Facebook account remotely

6 Best Internet Hacks To Simplify Your Life 6

Well, in case you have used your Facebook account on someone else smartphone or laptop then you might not feel secure if you have logged off your mind or not. But you can fix it quickly. You need to click on the settings of the Facebook account and select the security option over there. And later find the session that you would like to end up. And press Log Out button.

Searching for the synonyms

6 Best Internet Hacks To Simplify Your Life 7

Well, for a single word we have a lot of synonyms. And Google has invented a useful trick for you in such a case. Now you can quickly know the synonym for a word. The method is rapid because you need to put a ~ sign in front of the word before the search. It will surely save a lot of time of yours.