6 Best Shoe Hacks To Help Get Relieved Of The Pain

6 Best Shoe Hacks To Help Get Relieved Of The Pain 1

Well, you might find it shocking for you, but it is true that men use to wear heels in historical times. It is the talk about the horse riders in the early tenth century who begun to wear the boots with a little bit heel so that they can have the firmer grip in the stirrups. Nowadays all men and women suffer from the blisters, calluses, heels, the uncomfortable shoes, and wrong footwear. But the fact is situation has improved over a long time during the last 11th century.

You also know that when you walk on your shoes, then it can be difficult for you for the number of times rather than to try on others. Here are some tips that would help you to forget about the foot pain that you usually face.

Tape the middle and the fourth finger together.

6 Best Shoe Hacks To Help Get Relieved Of The Pain 2

Well, not all human beings know that there is a nerve between these two toes. It is disturbing for you to wear high heels. So, if you want to make your life easy for your foot, then you can tape the toes using the tape together. It will help in relieving the pressure, and hence it will make you walk comfortably. But if you do not have any tape in your hand then in such case cotton is the best way to get rid of pain using in between the toes.

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Apply the lip balm so that you can blister the prone area.

6 Best Shoe Hacks To Help Get Relieved Of The Pain 3

The lip balm helps in making the areas softer and slippery. Well, for the girls, it is the most likely thing that you always keep in your bag. You can reapply it when you need it. But in case you do not want any spot inside your shoes, you can use the colorless balm for yourself. Also, you must make sure that you do not use the same balm for your lips and your feet.

Use the dry shampoo to avoid the slipping of your feet.

6 Best Shoe Hacks To Help Get Relieved Of The Pain 4

Some brands bring the foot powder for the protection of your feet. It will help in the absorption of the sweat, and hence it prevents your feet from getting slipped. But instead of powder, you may even use the dry shampoo in such case. You need to apply the spray on your feet and should not forget to wash it off once you get to your home.

Absorb the sweat during the daytime.

6 Best Shoe Hacks To Help Get Relieved Of The Pain 5

Feet sweating is the usual thing that generally happens. You must not feel ashamed of it in any case. But if you want to avoid it, then use the panty liners in this case. It might be a bit strange for you, but if you do not know that you are not going to take off your shoes in the public place, then you should not worry about it.

Get rid of the bad smell such that bacterias will not grow.

6 Best Shoe Hacks To Help Get Relieved Of The Pain 6

The hot shoes and the wet shoes inside are the perfect environments for the growth of bacterias on the high scale. It can even trouble you with the fungus. It is undoubtedly going to be painful for your toes such that it irritates you and cause itching.

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Hence if you want to avoid such things then there are several other things to use:

Mix the water and vinegar in the perfect proportion and then use the same to spray inside the shoes.

You can even place the unused tea bags inside your shoes over full night.

Mix the ingredients apple cider vinegar, alcohol, and the couple of tea tree oil that drops instead.

Bend the toe box

6 Best Shoe Hacks To Help Get Relieved Of The Pain 7

When you plan to choose the pair of fancy heels, then try to bend it before buying. The toe box is the part that will touch the floor, and that is the area when you put most of your weight on it. If the toe box will be bent, then it is a good sign. Shos become stiff such that it will not bend and will be real if there is a stone in the shoes. With this, there will be an ending with the natural walk during the daytime and pain in the next coming evening.