6 Best Ways To Boost Up The Immune System

6 Best Ways To Boost Up The Immune System 1

There are a lot of viruses and bacterias around us that can harm us a lot. But the human body has an inbuilt system to protect our organization, and it is the immune system. Some individual cells that are spread throughout our body get a warning signal to protect other parts of the body when some harmful bacterias attack us. These cells prevent the sickness from getting its spreading. Thus the immune system acts practically in a practical form to perform the beautiful jobs. Hence we should always think of protecting it.

We are here to prepare you for the coming winters. Here you need to follow up some steps such that you can stay healthy. You will find many alternative suggestions this time.

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Garlic and Honey

6 Best Ways To Boost Up The Immune System 2

Honey is best for our body because it is full of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. It helps us to fight against the free radicals. Garlic provides a push to white blood cells. These white cells further help us to fight against the harmful bacterias and viruses. It is best when you chop the garlic.

For the remedy, you need to take one cup of raw honey along with eight to ten cloves of garlic and then place the syrup in the glass jar. After putting it outside to deal with temperature, now place it inside the fridge such that it would be ready to use for you. Now take a spoon of honey along with the piece of garlic once in a day.

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Turmeric and the ginger tea

6 Best Ways To Boost Up The Immune System 3

It is because of some active components, healthy benefits, immune boosting properties, and the anti-viral properties of the turmeric that acts as its part. On the other hand, ginger is for anti-viral and the anti-bacterial properties that are best for our immune system.

For the remedy, you need to take at least three cups of the hot water, two teaspoons of the turmeric powder, and one cm of the peeled turmeric root. Also, add one cm of the piece of ginger which gets peeled and grated. You need to boil the water, so that to it is suitable to add ginger and turmeric to it. To add the taste add honey or lemon in complimentary.

Lemon Water

6 Best Ways To Boost Up The Immune System 4

Lemon is best to cure the deficiency of vitamin C. It acts as the best booster for your immune system. You need to take one cup full of warm water and the juice extract of half lemon. Squeeze the juice from lemon and then add to the warm bowl full of water. Please prepare the lemon juice drink before you intake because vitamin C has many unstable properties.

Cayenne, ginger, and lemon pepper shot

6 Best Ways To Boost Up The Immune System 5

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, and ginger has best and effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Cayenne pepper has anti-oxidant properties which help us to fight against the nasty bacteria. Being spicy, cayenne pepper adds on to the body temperature. Thus it activates our immune system.

For the remedy, you need to take one piece of grated and peeled ginger piece of 2 cm. Extract juice of half lemon and 1/4th cup of the cayenne pepper. Mix all these ingredients properly to sip by adding some amount of honey along with the pieces of crushed garlic.

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Honey, ginger, Echinacea, and licorice syrup

6 Best Ways To Boost Up The Immune System 6

Honey and ginger can also have a right combination with echinacea and the roots of licorice. These are the superpower herbs because the plant has the best immune boosting properties. Licorice is in the form of candy which is also a root with the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties. It turns our immune system in the regular kind. We will not recommend you to go for it every day.

Mushroom extract

6 Best Ways To Boost Up The Immune System 7

Mushroom acts as Chinese medicine from last many years. They are best to build up our immune system which has properties to prevent the cell of immune from sticking to the blood vessel walls. Many other types of mushrooms have the resistant building properties which support it differently to blend some of the extracts.