6 Charging Gadgets Tips To Save Your Life

6 Charging Gadgets Tips To Save Your Life 1

Well, you might have listened to many cases in which you hear a woman was moving to some place and her mobile phone exploded in the wrong way. While many people even manage to record the incidents through their cameras to share it with others to make them aware of such events to happen at any place. The conflict can be of the woman who suddenly heard a clap and then the phone burst into the flames on her dashboard and later emitted smoke out. The episode might have scared the woman a lot if she did not get an injury.

But you should have known that there are many ways by which you can ignore the facts and should follow some of the essential rules out of them. You can consider them especially in the case of gadgets. Here we have some of the useful dos and don’ts of the battery charging techniques that you would not know before such an incident.

The situation when you replace the phone battery in the unofficial repair stores.

6 Charging Gadgets Tips To Save Your Life 2

It was out that the phone of the Chinese woman exploded due to the use of a replaced battery which she should not have introduced in her mobile phone. The battery got replaced by her just a few days before the incident took place. But the unexpected situation was that the woman was not using her phone or charging it at that particular moment when it got exploded. Thank God for saving her life. The situation teaches us that we should not buy personal products from unofficial stores.

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The situation when you throw the battery by mistake on the solid surface.

6 Charging Gadgets Tips To Save Your Life 3

Power banks can be dangerous for you in many situations. Here we discuss the case of the situation when a passenger began to fight with the security officer who was not allowing him to carry the gadget along with him on the airplane. And then the passenger went angry, and hence he lent emotions to go wild and then he threw the gadget on the floor. The fallen device got exploded releasing a small amount of smoke, but later there were no injuries reported. But more afterward the other passengers got scared with it. The situation asks you to carry the actual devices along with you.

The condition to bit the battery.

6 Charging Gadgets Tips To Save Your Life 4

Well, it is an incident when a man was buying a mobile phone in the store. But later he went on testing the authenticity of the battery by biting it. But the device went to explode. The man did not get injured due to the quick explosion. But the reaction to him proved to be strong enough. The incident says that it is not right to bite and chew the batteries because they show to be dangerous for our health.

Falling off the phone from your pocket.

6 Charging Gadgets Tips To Save Your Life 5

The advice sounds to be stupid for you, but it is not safe if your cell phone fell. Along with your phone, the battery also gets deformed. And hence it leads to overheating and explosions. A man fell from the cycle and hence his phone and battery bent. But then according to the consequences of the given accident, he got the second degree of burning. And then an American student sat on his phone and later caught fire. Hence the case says you must be careful while using the smartphones.

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Using unofficial phone chargers.

6 Charging Gadgets Tips To Save Your Life 6

The quality of the unofficial cables and the chargers is not good, and hence it leaves to much to be in the desired form. The cheap chargers can cause the burning and overheating. Well, if you use the charging cables then make sure that they are not bent style. Be careful about the chargers that promise for charging in the limited time.

The situation when you talk to some on the phone while charging it.

6 Charging Gadgets Tips To Save Your Life 7

Well, you must have heard the fact that you should not talk on the phone while you leave it for charging. Many cases have proved the fact. One thing we can conclude is that not to speak on the phone while loading it. If the calls seem to be important, then use the speaker or the earphones.