6 Questions That You Should Not Ask

6 Questions That You Should Not Ask 1

It is the best thing to be able to make small talk both for at work and in your life. But sometimes polite people unintentionally ask some questions that can cause the listener’s rejection for it. And it is not clear that what the issue all about it is.

We have analyzed some questions that polite people sometimes unintentionally ask the strangers in their conversation. We want to share it with you and wish that you all should read them properly to avoid these mistakes and have a good discussion.

Is that your mother?

6 Questions That You Should Not Ask 2

If you do not know the relationship between the persons standing or sitting in front of you, then you should guess their relationship. And you should not come as them for their relations. The interlocutor will be pushed away by your questions like:

  • “Are you related”?
  • “Are you brother and sister”; “Is it your daughter/ mother?”

Sometimes you mistakenly call a person’s sister a mother. To avoid these things, you can quickly judge the persons’ relationship in front of you by noticing their behavior, speech, and manners.

How long have you been together?

6 Questions That You Should Not Ask 3

Most of the people like to talk about their relationships in public. If the person talking to you is not sharing its relationship status, then you should not ask for it whether they are married or not. If you are at the party, do not ask the couples for their time of togetherness. This question can be unpleasant for them and can also become the topic of disagreement between them.

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When are you going to have a baby?

6 Questions That You Should Not Ask 4

Here is the list of some questions that you need to avoid them to ask from your interlocutors.

  • Do you have kids?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you want a baby girl or a baby boy?

We can say that a mother of many kids gets asked many times the question, “Are these all kids yours?” It makes a mother go mad. This kind of problems can annoy couples who cannot have kids. The topic on pregnancy can also be a tease about being overweight.

Ask your interlocutor about their interests if they came with their kids otherwise, have a neutral conversation.

Will it stay forever?

6 Questions That You Should Not Ask 5

People are less likely to speak about their visible health issues, but some people ask irrelevant questions about health issues like:

  • “Is it real?”
  • “Is it painful?”
  • “Where did you get your blank done?”

There are very few people who tell strangers about their piercings, tattoos, and dreadlocks. So the persons should never touch others. It is a kind of a violation of personal space.

It is not a suitable manner to ask anyone for a cosmetic procedure that the person has undergone with it. You should not ask them for salon contacts. The person in front of you is trying to pretend that it provides the natural skin color. Your questions can spoil their mood.

Why do you need it?

6 Questions That You Should Not Ask 6

The excellent topic for the talk with strangers is discussing each other’s hobbies. Remember one thing do not ask questions about their hobbies. Its one’s hobbies, you should not interfere in them. The problem like why you have such an expensive hobby can be unpleasant for the person talking to you. They may think that you are considering their hobbies silly and laughing at their hobbies.

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How much does it cost?

6 Questions That You Should Not Ask 7

It is the way of many people that they ask the persons about their earning who are talking to them. Most people do not admit that their salary is not high and they like their job. Some people pretend that they do not like their job and want to change but do not get the right opportunity. You should not ask the questions about salary or money to anybody. These are personal questions somehow.

How to answer embarrassing questions?

There are few yips regarding if someone asks you embarrassing questions then you should deal like this.

  • Give a concise answer to their question.
  • Refuse them to answer.
  • Change the topic.