6 Thankful Sitz Bath Recipes For Your Body

6 Thankful Sitz Bath Recipes For Your Body 1

In the case of sitz bath, you sit your buttocks and your hips in the warm water. You can take a shower by sitting in the bathtub or inside a large basin. Usually, people follow such techniques to get healed. Your bottom part of the body feels discomfort. And so you reduce irritation. Doctors generally recommend such baths to lower down the side effect.

Here we are with six sitz bath recipes that will keep you healthy and young always.

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The saltwater sitz bath

6 Thankful Sitz Bath Recipes For Your Body 2

Salt is the best ingredient to fight against bacterias which helps us to heal. We use the saltwater bath for the basic things from hemorrhoids to itching. It is the simple remedy to use. For the remedy, we will need 1/4 cups of the warm water that you can withstand. In the salty warm water, you need to stay for at least thirty minutes and then it will cool down.

For the particular remedy, you can even use the bathtub to get the treatment done for the health conditions. It will also reduce problems quickly at home. It will not matter in which way you make the specific changes. The fact is you get relieved from the discomfort. But your primary work is to sit in the bathtub for not less than fifteen minutes.

Baking Soda remedy

6 Thankful Sitz Bath Recipes For Your Body 3

Generally, people prefer a sitz bath with the help of baking soda. It is like a mild drug that you get at the grocery shops. You may even find it at your home. It will help to reduce the infection because of the antibacterial properties of the baking soda.

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For the remedy, you need to at least four to five tablespoons of baking soda in the sitz bath. Mix the water in the proper proportion until the soda gets dissolved in it. Now, keep sitting in the warm water for twenty minutes at least and come out if water becomes cold.

The Herbal Sitz Bath

6 Thankful Sitz Bath Recipes For Your Body 4

The Herbal Sitz bath is the best for those ladies who have recently become a mother. For the remedy, you need one cup of the unrefined sea salt along with 2 oz of lavender blossoms with 2 oz plantain leaves. You also need 2 oz of witch hazel, yarrow, calendula, and of chamomile.

You need to mix all the products given correctly and let them in the small bag. Warm up the water as possible and make one bag inside it which will help the salt to dissolve in it. Now keep checking if you are comfortable with the temperature of water then let yourself inside it.

Oil Sitz Bath

6 Thankful Sitz Bath Recipes For Your Body 5

Oil sitz bath is for healing and relaxing purposes. It has the pleasant smell which helps us to get rid of the intimate diseases.

The ingredients required for the remedy are:

1/2 cup of the Epsom salt, two tablespoons of baking soda and witch hazel. One tablespoon of the olive oil, eight drops of the lavender oil and chamomile essential oil. Also, the warm water for the bath.

6 Thankful Sitz Bath Recipes For Your Body 6

You need to blend the soda and the salt and then add the ingredients mentioned above. Now let them add to the warm water according to your choice and enjoy it for at least fifteen minutes.

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Blueberry sitz bath

6 Thankful Sitz Bath Recipes For Your Body 7

Blueberry is the best ingredient with the help of which you can cure the urinary infections. In addition to this, it can help you get rid of diarrhea and the illnesses of the gastrointestinal tract.

For the remedy, you need to take two teaspoons of dried blueberry leaves along with one cup of water to boil the leaves. After you add decoction, now the warm is ready for bath purposes. Soak the bath for at least twenty minutes.

Sitz Bath and the witch hazel extract

6 Thankful Sitz Bath Recipes For Your Body 8

Witch hazel will help you in the reduction of itching, pain, and the bleeding. For the bath, you can follow two methods. Add at least ten gram of witch hazel leaves to 1/4 cup of Epsom salt and warm water. Also, you can add the witch hazel extract into the warm water.