6 Unexpected And Not Too Good Things That Ruin Our Lives

6 Unexpected And Not Too Good Things That Ruin Our Lives 1

Everyone thinks differently about the term happiness. But the neuroscientists and psychologist know very well that what makes us happy and sad as a human being. Sometimes we feel bad because of our daily routines and habits.

We have made a list of things that we should avoid in our routine to feel happy, and this list also includes some harmful things that you should stop doing right now.

We mostly prefer to sit.

6 Unexpected And Not Too Good Things That Ruin Our Lives 2

You all can judge this by your routine. In the office we do our whole work while sitting then we go home by car or public transport. There also we take a seat and go to our house in relax mode. At home, we sit and watch TV and chat with our friends. Usually, we do all our tasks while sitting. While the day we prefer to sit.

The hormones and the level of endorphins are responsible for the reduction in our happiness just because of not moving. If you want to feel energetic, then you should have 30-minute walks or 2 workouts a week. You would be satisfied and happy no matter what’s going in your life.

Doing indoor work all day

6 Unexpected And Not Too Good Things That Ruin Our Lives 3

Most of us prefer to do work from home, but it will not give much happiness to you. You will become much happier if you spend some of your time outdoors and this will also improve your self-esteem. Regarding psychologists, this method is called “adventure therapy.” The place does not matter, only the thing is that you should visit somewhere outside your home.

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Usually, we always try to pay much attention to the things happening around us

6 Unexpected And Not Too Good Things That Ruin Our Lives 4

We should not only pay attention to the things that we do and happening around. But also we should pay attention to things how we do them. Let us imagine two girls. One of the girls is angry with herself because she has to clean her house. Instead, she would go on a date in the restaurant, but nobody invited her on a date. And the other girl is happy while cleaning her house because she gets a chance to clean her house. Both the girls are doing the same activity. But one is angry with herself, and the other one feels relaxed while doing the house jobs. It shows that how they do the work depends on our happiness.

We are always ready only to consume

6 Unexpected And Not Too Good Things That Ruin Our Lives 5

In today’s time, everyone is just ready to consume anything but is not prepared to give something to anyone. We should also offer to make our life meaningful. By doing this, we feel satisfied and significant. The good news is that even the little actions we do can cheer us. The happiness depends upon our efforts. Our every action shows some meaning and purpose in our life. Our small activities can include writing a note, bought a present for someone, painting the walls of our home, planting the flowers and even making some creative things through waste material. It all will prove that someone needs you in their lives.

We stay alone and isolate ourselves from others

6 Unexpected And Not Too Good Things That Ruin Our Lives 6

We all belong to one or the other group. These groups are not only our family and friends, but we should also need to connect with others so that we would not feel alone. It will make us feel pleased. By doing this, we will more comfortable with others and confident and helps in reducing stress. The group of people to which we belong can be of any type like any football group, hockey group, any game club, music concerts. We have to make our belongingness to something so that we would not feel alone.

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We prefer buying rather than creating things

6 Unexpected And Not Too Good Things That Ruin Our Lives 7

For the happiness of our health, we need creative hobbies. We should not only think for creative hobbies for money and fame. It has been proven that creativity helps in reducing the level of stress and fights against depression and also improves our mood. Creativity does not only include dancing, singing and painting but also includes anything that requires a unique approach. Creativity is everything that changes your mood swings like planting flowers, painting the walls, choose the décor of your home, etc.

Happiness is not the product that we should make it as our aim. It includes many tiny things. We can be happy at any moment. Happiness depends on us. We can make ourselves and others happy at any moment.