7 Best Ways You Can Keep Your Child Busy

7 Best Ways You Can Keep Your Child Busy 1

As we all know kids are marvelous for us in many cases. They feel fascinated by everything that they see. Also, they even see the world in every second in their lives. Thus they will require to get some attention from the parents. However, there are other responsibilities that we need to take care of them. And it would not be easy for us to keep our kids happy forever. No matter how much you do for your kids, the primary issue is how your kids can remain. Well, we cannot turn our face from the responsibilities of our child.

If the case turns to be familiar for you, then it would be good if you follow our suggestions. We are playing following games of development with your little kids.

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Sensory box

7 Best Ways You Can Keep Your Child Busy 2

For the game, you will need one large square box with materials such as beans and pulses. It would even consist of the small and large stones along with some small and large beads and the cotton balls, straw, leaves, sand, and the fur cones.

Optional stuff can include the small toys which are your child’s favorite.

You need to set the child down to the sensory box and then let her play and perform what they want to do. They will walk inside the box and thus touch the objects with hands. Now you can teach them how they can gain it.

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The Discovery Wall

7 Best Ways You Can Keep Your Child Busy 3

Things that you will require are those that are present around you at your home. Well, in this case, you will not need anything apart from the imagination.

In this, you will have to prepare your child by giving them a demonstration. Teach them to open up, stroke, and smell other objects on the wall. And now it is the right time to let them repeat everything. Thus leave everything up to them.

A tank to know water.

7 Best Ways You Can Keep Your Child Busy 4

You will need a container of water along with the pebbles of the colored beads. You can even use the toys to create some sea creatures. In addition to this, a spade of plastic, pieces of polystyrene, the drinking straws, coins, and the parts of the bark of the tree.

Let your child know the fact that how can they enter their body parts into the water and then grab the items. Form a scene as that of the aquarium with some moving elements. Let them know that how can they the pieces of polystyrene and the coins inside the water. It would entertain them a lot by seeing some products in the water such that some are floating while others are deep inside.

Musical bottles

7 Best Ways You Can Keep Your Child Busy 5

Musical bottles mean the containers that make different sounds. It will guarantee them to pique the interest of a child. Teach them how you can shake the bottle and produce different sounds. These bottles must have different objects inside them. Now let them know how can they produce loud and smooth noises out of it after every shake. It is the right time for them to copy you.

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Magic bottles

7 Best Ways You Can Keep Your Child Busy 6

For the trick, you will require the plastic container with one lid. Also, you can use some small items that are inside your house. These things can include beads, beans, and peas.

Now, it is the time to show them the play mode. Tell your child to pull out the ribbon and the small items that you have placed inside the container.

Let your child know matching criteria.

7 Best Ways You Can Keep Your Child Busy 7

Things that you will need are the assortments of the jars and other lids of various sizes.

Let your child know to sort the things properly. It must be by the shapes. Lids must get opened from one side and the jars on the other hand. Now show your kid to match things according to the color of the lids.

Different smells

7 Best Ways You Can Keep Your Child Busy 8

Things that will need are the shakers and different type of vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Let your child smell every jar and then recognize the thing inside. Now they will be able to differentiate everything.