8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life

8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life 1

According to statistics, we live at the calmest place in the history of humanity. But the world around you is still a dangerous place.

Through the article, we with some simple eight life hacks for you which will ensure your secure from the dangers around you.

Money, keys, and a charged phone

8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life 2

There is no exception regarding these things. Money, keys, and charged telephone, you must have these things with you when you are going out. If you may need any help outside, you should have a cell phone to call someone and have keys to come back to your home. With the help of the phone, you will be able to call for help in an emergency. So you should always keep your phone charged.

If you bump into someone, apologize

8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life 3

When you bump into someone anywhere or in the street, then you should say sorry and keep going. You should keep going the person you crashed into may be carrying any weapon or he may be drunk. The person can be extremely angry or upset so he may harm you. So your apology may save you from him.

Find at least three exits

8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life 4

You should make sure that you see three doors wherever you go. Either it is a concert, school, or railway station. To find three exits can be easy and hard. With your eyes scan the space all around you so that if there is only one door, then you will get find at least three ways to escape from that space as you can escape from the large French windows.

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It is essential to find three exits because there may be something wrong happen and you may look for a door there. If you have already seen the doors, you can run away as soon as possible.

Play the game, “Find a bad guy.”

8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life 5

It is a funny game which can keep you safe from any bad guy. In this game when there are a lot of people around you, you have to take a good look at all the people around you. Just check out from all of them who seem to be angry, nervous, and frightened.

It is important because sometimes our intuition is mistaken. If you see someone dangerous around you, then the person can be. So you must try to stay away from them.

Count the rows on an airplane to the emergency exit

8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life 6

In an aircraft, when you take your seat, count down the rows from your position to the emergency exit.

It is important because sometimes there is smoke and the emergency light is too dim to guide you the way. So when you know the number of rows from your seat to the emergency exit, you can easily reach the door by a countdown.

Strengthen your wrists

8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life 7

Your wrists get tired very fast if you try chin-ups. So you need to do wrist exercises every day. Do this exercise with the help of hand grips.

It is essential because there are many emergencies in which you need to hold on to a narrow ledge. If your grip is firm and wrist muscles are trained, this will allow you to stay safe as needed.

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Raise your head and go slowly

8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life 8

When you feel anger, you tend to lower your head and increase the pace to run from there. But you should not go like this. You must be confident and raise your chin with confidence and move slowly from there.

You become prey when you first follow your instinct. Slow down your move and raise your head then look at your sides with your peripheral vision to see the danger.

Escape from sinking the car

8 Best Life Hacks To Save Your Life 9

First of all, unbuckle your seat belt to get out of a sinking car. Roll on window down instead of opening the door. If the window is opening up then break the glass. Use a special tool to break the glass. You should not open the door because there is only one minute to get out of the car so you may lose your time in opening the door because the door may budge due to water.