8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies

8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies 1

Nowadays, Bullies have become a common thing in the workplace. 65% of the working women are being bullied at their offices. Men behave more abusively than women. Among these bullies, 61% are bosses. This abusive nature of men affects a person’s self-perception which can lead to serious health issues. Sometimes the situation becomes so hard to stay strong at the workplace, especially when it is your boss. But every woman should be strong enough to try her best to protect herself.

Through this article, we want to share some tips with you to protect yourself from the bullies.

Do not become one of the guys, stay a woman.

8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies 2

Never forget that you are a woman while working with the men. Avoid flirting with co-workers. You are not an object of their desire instead you are a member of their team and colleague. It is better for you to distinguish between your work and personal life.

Without fraternization, feel equal to men. Men should learn and remember certain standards to comply. They should remember that they are working with women. They should behave respectfully, and there should need to talk. Men at your office should not swear, and they should not give you a nickname.

Document bullying

8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies 3

You should prepare documentation of harassment. Every woman should write down the complete details of harassment, i.e., date, time, words spoken, place, and actions. And also write down the name of the persons who are near to you at the time of bullying so that the person can prove it in the future. Keep all your records in the safe place so that no one gets your details about bullying.

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You can also warn the bully about recording his actions or words on voice recorder or camera. It will make them behave restrained, and they will think about their words before speaking. These proofs can help you in the future to defend your case.

Find a companion

8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies 4

A bully is not only rude only one person. You can share your situation with your co-workers whom you trust and find a friend. It will be easier to resist together. You will get the better result if more people report the bullying. Try to make a plan together against the bully and sure that your companion is trustworthy.

You should talk to the HR of the company and avoid one-on-one meetings

8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies 5

When you met bullies in the corridor or at another deserted place, do not take part in a conversation with them. When you are with your co-workers, the bully will be calmer and behave politely. You need a third person to prove your words in front of others. Otherwise, nobody will believe you.

When you collected all the proofs and made all the reports, talk to HR of the company or your supervisor. Make two copies of your tests, one for yourself and one for HR or supervisor. According to your report, tell HR the whole story about bullying and take one colleague with you to prove it.

Study the legislation

8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies 6

You should also study bill because sometimes, HR is bully’s friend then he will not be able to help you in your case. You should research employment law carefully and also search for information on the same facts on the internet.

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Try to ruin the bully’s plan

8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies 7

Bullies always want to cause negative emotions on you and assert themselves at your expense. By making you nervous and bringing tears in your eyes, they will be pleased. You should learn and try to ignore them. Always stay calm in front of them. In this way, you can surprise them with your behavior. Your behavior will puzzle them, and they will be bored.

Change your attitude and behavior in the company

8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies 8

You should try to change your behavior and attitude towards bullies. Do not show anger to them. As if as possible, coldly react to them. Be confident and polite in front of them. Answer them without irritation and disruption. Speak clearly and loudly with them.

You should get prepared for bullies

8 Best Tricks To Deal With Bullies 9

Think in advance that what you want to say to the bullies. It is not the best idea to speak from the heart with the first thing that comes in your mind. Your message that you want to convey to bully should be simple and clear. Look into their eyes when speaking to them confidently.