9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 1

Mostly all of us want to follow popular trends and look beautiful. We wore millions of accessories to be fashionable that were considered to be elegant in the past. But if we look at those things today, these things shock and surprise us. Just think that how can be a chamber pot be stylish for the ladies.

We have collected some of those weird accessories that most people wore in the past.

A chamber pot for ladies

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 2

French women used these chamber pots in the 17th and 18th centuries. These pots were called the Bourdalou in their language. This chamber pot had one handle and looked like a gravy boat. According to the people of the 21st century, this is quite intimate.

Gorgeous women wearing wigs and crinolines came to the wall, during the age of Louis XIV. They took their chamber pots that could get slipped under their skirts. These women used it while standing and then secretly carried it with them. Do you think that it is a fashionable item? These were the pots made up of earthenware or porcelain. Elegant paintings were done to decorate these pots.

A flea catcher

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 3

In ancient time, human bodies were home to various parasites due to poor hygiene. So that time, people used to wear the skins of fur-bearing animals or used their skins as belts to get rid of them. They used to decorate such items with gold and jewels.

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Also, some women wore pieces of fabrics by soaking them in blood, honey, or resin. They used to do it because it could attract the bugs.

Eyebrows made from the skin of a mouse

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 4

The fake and weird eyebrows were so famous in the 18th century. That time, women used to shave their natural eyebrows and applied the fake eyebrows made up of the skin of a mouse. They glued these weird eyebrows. Their faces looked sarcastic by using these brows.

Camouflage beauty spots

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 5

The ladies used so much makeup in the 18th century as makeup is in trend even nowadays. Under the tons of makeup, their natural moles got hide so that ladies used fake beauty spots on their faces in place of moles. These beauty spots were made up of black leather or silk. They used to stick these spots with glue. Women used to attract men by using these accessories, and they also used these items to hide diseases like syphilis, smallpox, and others.

A sun mask

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 6

In the 16th century, Noblewomen used to anything to keep their skin looking pale and beautiful. These women used to wear black velvet masks to protect their faces from the ultra virus rays of the sun. It was a rule there that they were using these masks during traveling.

These masks were very hot to wear as we know black color absorbs more and more heat.

Lovers’ eyes

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 7

As per the rule, these lovers’ eyes were watercolor miniatures on ivory. These eyes became very popular among European People of the 18th and 19th centuries. This accessory was made initially to keep the name of their beloved ones secret, but afterward, they started wearing these eyes that were depicting their family members also. At that time, the eyes of a loved one, spouse, and child were worn by them as bracelets, pendants, brooches, or rings.

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A skirt lifter

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 8

A skirt lifter got invented in the year 1846. This item was handy. The women at that time attached this item to their long skirts and dresses which protect them from dust and also facilitate their movement.

Ships in the hair

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 9

In the 18th century, the hairstyle of women was very different; it was all about arrogance and grandiosity. The fashionable women of that time used to wear figurines, stuffed birds, and gardens with the small trees in their hair. The “a-la belle poule” hairstyle was trendy at that time.

Small balls for plump cheeks

9 Terrible Accessories Popular Back In The Day 10

In the era of the 17th century, the little balls of various materials for plumper cheeks have become popular. While wearing these balls people could not speak even a single word.