Collagen Rich Foods That Prevents Your Early Ageing

Collagen Rich Foods That Prevents Your Early Ageing 1

Collagen is the type of the particular protein which helps in providing the structure in the various connective tissues in the body of the person. Well, it is much responsible and good for the elasticity of the skin. Have you ever noticed the development of the wrinkles? If it is so then, that means your body lacks in the level of collagen protein or its value has been reduced to the higher amount. It is always to advise you to keep the diet as one of the best ways so that you can slow down the protein-breaking process.

Collagen Rich Foods That Prevents Your Early Ageing 2

Well, everyone wants to look beautiful, and hence they all follow some remedies such as to achieve the best and the soft skin. We love to take care of ourselves a lot and thus herewith are to share the list of the food items that will prevent your body to face the premature aging of the skin. If you want to understand it in the better way, then I think first you all must know that what the collagen is?

Collagen Rich Foods That Prevents Your Early Ageing 3

By the thinking of many people, collagen is like glue or the content which works as glue because it helps in to keep our body stick always. Our body skin would have fallen apart without it.

Collagen Rich Foods That Prevents Your Early Ageing 4

We have already discussed that the collagen is the particular form of protein. In our body, it is present in 30-40% of the entire protein mineral present in it. It prevents the premature aging, and hence we look young with its proper amount. We may mainly find in the oil present in hair, joints, and the intestine tissue. There are around 16 types of collagen present in our body. But our body mainly consists of three types out of which type I and type II are present in the skin, bones, and the tendons. We find type III in our joints.

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The meat broth fish

Collagen Rich Foods That Prevents Your Early Ageing 5

Well, if we want to search the best food item, then I think bone broth it the one out of it. All other food items may stimulate the production of the collagen. Broth may consist of the bioactive form o the protein which when enters the skin start acting immediately. The beef broth us the collagen type I which is good for our skin and its health. In chicken, there is the presence of the type II collagen protein which provides excellent support to the joints.

Vegetables, fruits, and the berries

Collagen Rich Foods That Prevents Your Early Ageing 6

Well, according to the choice of many doctors we must eat green vegetables to prevent aging and different diseases. Green vegetable color is due to the presence of chlorophyll which even protects our skin from the harmful UV- rays of the sun and also it increases the amount of procollagen present in the surface. The amount that you should eat depends upon the physical activity that you perform. The maximum you can eat three bowls in a day.

Tomatoes, Avocado, and the strawberries

Collagen Rich Foods That Prevents Your Early Ageing 7

Vegetables are rich in lycopene which is an anti-oxidant chemical and also protects our skin from the UV light. It also increases the synthesis of the collagen. If you want to have more amount of Lycopene, then you can bake tomatoes, and the better option is to drink the tomato juice with at least one glass in the day.

Avocado is rich in Vitamin E which also helps down in the breakage of collagen in the body. It also contains the beneficial fats that are must pay for our skin. The avocado oil even increases the production of the collagen protein which is good for us. Specialists always say to eat half avocado, and it depends that how your body reacts to it.

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Strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and the blackberries are rich in containing the ellagic acid which is must for our body so that it may prevent the breakdown of the collagen which occurred due to the UV rays. They are rich in vitamin C. The amount that you eat depends upon the age of the person.