DIY Protein Hair Pack To Achieve Beautiful Hair

DIY Protein Hair Pack To Achieve Beautiful Hair 1

No matter it does not hurt you when your hair break but being the part of your body you always take care of them forever because they are made up of the essential components as proteins which we make through the long chain of the amino acids. But to save them we always prefer to go the expensive products from the market. But many people cannot even afford them and hence they still worry about what they can use for their hair. But have you thought before using them ever in your life? You expose your skin to the harsh components that are full of chemicals.

DIY Protein Hair Pack To Achieve Beautiful Hair 2

We expose our hair directly into the sun, pollution, and hence there is lack of proper care which may even lead to the breaking of the chain and therefore leads to the brittle and the dull hair. Hair makes someone beautiful with its beauty and hence if they need proteins to grow up, then we must provide them with it. The salons also offer the number of treatments for your hair and many people even purchase packs and masks but honestly saying, we should try to go for the simple home remedies because they are not expensive and are free from chemicals. It may reduce the cost of buying to one-fourth of the products that you purchase.

The packs that we buy from the market are the basics for glorified hair conditioners which contain some form of proteins, oil, and esters apart from the host of the other chemicals.

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DIY Protein Hair Pack To Achieve Beautiful Hair 3

Well, now you exactly know that your hair is from the Keratin that is the kind of particular proteins consisting the amino acid as they are negatively charged particles which also makes your hair frizzy. And hence you always want to counteract them using the conditioners which composed of the positively charged molecules which we also call them cationic surfactants. And therefore now the positively charged and negatively charged particles contract together, they neutralize each other and thus combine to form the molecules that also coat the hair which makes them sleek and less frizzy.

But in your home, you can prepare those materials to get the best results even more than the market products brings for you.

Ingredients required for preparing the mask at home:


DIY Protein Hair Pack To Achieve Beautiful Hair 4

Egg yolks are highly abundant in the contents of vitamin A, B, D, and E. These all vitamins act as the building blocks of the hair. With vitamin A your scalp produces the high level of sebum and also prevents the hair loss. Vitamin D helps in the stimulation of the hair growth. Vitamin E and B work together for the best absorption of oxygen and hence improve the blood circulation. Egg yolks also contain the fatty acids which can keep your hair shiny and manageable. The fatty acids directly affect your skin structure and are the best to prevent dandruff, hair loss, and the dry scalp.

Olive oil

DIY Protein Hair Pack To Achieve Beautiful Hair 5

The excessive use of the shampoos and the chemicals can result in the stripping of the natural oils which can even make your scalp dry, flakiness, and hence increase the dandruff amount in your hair which also helps in maintaining the oil balance of the scalp and the olive oil is the best for the purpose of hair growth. It is lightweight and hence gets absorbed very quickly when it comes to the hair treatment. Olive oil is the best solution for the dry and frizzy hair.

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DIY Protein Hair Pack To Achieve Beautiful Hair 6

Yogurt is the best because it acts as the excellent cleanser working with the unclog pores of the scalp and also getting rid of dandruff. Yogurt is abundant in the natural lactic acid which may even coat your hair to make it smooth and the tangle free.


DIY Protein Hair Pack To Achieve Beautiful Hair 7

In the worldwide, honey is one of the favorite ingredients of most of the people. It is rich in the humectants properties which also makes it a godsend for dry and damaged hair. But we should use it in the diluted form not directly. It is what we are going to do, but the great thing is that it suits all types of hair.