Here Are Prisons Cells Look Around The World

Here Are Prisons Cells Look Around The World 1

People are more and more behind bars and for the drinks. There are many types of research made on them for this case. One is by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research. More than 10.35 million people held in the penal institutions throughout the world are either as pre-trial detainees/remand prisoners or having been convicted and sentenced.

Ok now let us now make a comparison to the year 2000. According to that, it was out that the total number of women serving time has increased about 50%. But on the other side, the male prison population has grown by 18%. This rate of prison is everywhere around the world. Ok, let us think for an instance and study about the United States. The country has inmates for every 100,000 citizens while Denmark has 61. And even we can find out the number of differences with others too.

We consider a prisoner to be a place which might have access to the musical instruments and the video games. But then we can see that they might be even fighting for the toilet paper in some another.

Here we have collected the photos from the whole show that how did the different countries treat their criminals and their contrast in eye-opening. In this case, the prison cells act from low security to max security but we cannot compare them directly, but it gives us the sense that how the countries may treat their criminals. There can be the number of economic reasons or can be the way by which the security value their life. But if in that too you will find your the information above a bit grey. The images given below may even grab the attention of many others.

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Let us discuss first in Spain.

Here Are Prisons Cells Look Around The World 2

In Spain, there are rules such that the kids will never let know that their parents are the criminals and so the judges give them to stay along with them in a room which is full of toys, and the wall decoration is with the Disney characters so that the children would love them. There is a perfect nursery and the playground so that children can play with their parents.

Luzira Prison, Kampala, Uganda

Here Are Prisons Cells Look Around The World 3

In Luzira the criminals are given the excess work so that they will realize their responsibilities. The rules make them understand their responsibility for maintenance of harmony and the functionality of the unit of the place of their stay. They also give the duty to grow and harvest the food, and hence finally prepare them to give to other prisoners.

Bastøy Prison, Horten, Norway

Here Are Prisons Cells Look Around The World 4

It is the prison with the low security in the whole world. The prison is in Bastøy island in the Oslo Fiord, belonging to Horten municipality. The beach Nordbukta is open to the public. It is the place with 80 buildings, roads, beach zones, cultural landscape, football field, agricultural land, and forest. In addition to these, there is a shop, library, information office, health services, church, school, NAV, dock, ferry service and a lighthouse with facilities to let for smaller meetings.

Halden Prison, Halden‎, Norway

Here Are Prisons Cells Look Around The World 5

It is the prison with the maximum that you will find in the whole world. The first part is that it is with three central units that use conventional security devices. The second part of the prison is in Norway established in 2010 which also focus on rehabilitation which also simulates life outside the prison.

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Onomichi Prison, Onomichi, Japan

Here Are Prisons Cells Look Around The World 6

These are the old prisons which are most common in the country Japan. It introduces the whole senior population. The prisoners have access to handrails, soft food, and spend their working hour’s knitting and sewing.

Norgerhaven Prison, Veenhuizen, Netherlands

Here Are Prisons Cells Look Around The World 7

It is the prison of Veenhuizen, the Netherlands with the bed, furniture, refrigerator, and a TV in their cells along with the private bathrooms. The crime rate in the Netherlands is much low because people of that country has faced the number of crisis. So they signed a deal with the nation Norway in the year 2015 so that it will take their prison overflow. And hence now the people of the Netherlands also stay in Norway prisons.