Rules By NASA Astronauts To Get Good Sleep

Rules By NASA Astronauts To Get Good Sleep 1

Always be punctual while sleeping and waking up.

Rules By NASA Astronauts To Get Good Sleep 2

The International Space Station Orbits the Earth for 90 minutes that means sun rises sixteen times in a day. And it is the reason why the astronauts suffer from the sleeping disorders. Here the NASA scientists have made their theory regarding the sleeping orders. They said we should be on time to go and wake up from the bed. Before their traveling to space, the astronauts get their sleeping schedule on time according to their rhythm and pattern.

You must quit the bad habits that disturb your sleeping pattern.

Rules By NASA Astronauts To Get Good Sleep 3

The way in which we fall asleep is according to the conditions that we follow before sleep. When you go for a workout, your body temperature increases and hence your body will look for more sleeping time, and thus their rest becomes in the unstable pattern. And therefore the astronauts will always prefer to reduce the physical activities of a person. They will also ask you to eat light food so that it will not even affect your digestive system. If you want to rest, then you must spend some time outside but not with the workout. Your sleep will become more profound.

Try to reduce the use of electronic devices.

Rules By NASA Astronauts To Get Good Sleep 4

Our computers and mobile phones release the blue light which can adversely affect our relaxing time. It will reduce the production of melatonin which is a sleep hormone. And hence it is the reason that why we can stay for a long time in front of the computers at night time. Astronauts at NASA stop using the gadgets two to three hours before going to bed.

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For this, you may install some glasses that may filter the blue light. It will control the brightness of the computers at the night time.

Choose the correct light in your rooms.

Rules By NASA Astronauts To Get Good Sleep 5

The lighting at the stations plays the vital role when you think of circadian rhythms of the astronauts. That is why the fluorescent lights that give away the blue light are not the part of spaceships. LED lights which help in changing the intensity are the part of them. At night time, the blue light gets reduced, and during the daytime, it is again increased to improve the quality work of the astronauts. We must try not to use the fluorescent lighting. Use the lamps which will emit the orange and the yellow light.

Create the perfect sleeping environment.

Rules By NASA Astronauts To Get Good Sleep 6

The space crew members have the separate cabins so that they will not get disturbed by the sunlight during rising. Hence there is less light that gets inside the cabins, and therefore it will reach higher the level of melatonin. Thus the person will sleep more.

If you are not resting inside the dark room, then you can make the use of earplugs or the masks. Also, make sure that your room is airy regularly. It is because the suffocated rooms do not contribute to enough sleep.

Learn some relaxation techniques.

Rules By NASA Astronauts To Get Good Sleep 7

Some people do not take the proper rest because of anxiety and stress. For this, the astronauts at NASA use a cognitive behavior therapy that helps them to calm down a little. It will program their lousy sleep to the good one. A better relaxation technique can help you down to the right rest. It will bring the correct results. The simple methods can help you to achieve the right results. It may even improve your health and make you happier. There is a five seconds breath holding exercise that you must follow.

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You can consume caffeine and melatonin.

Rules By NASA Astronauts To Get Good Sleep 8

We come to know that when we are going to face the sleep disorder and hence the astronauts at NASA. If they get to know a slight difference in their sleep disorder, then they consume the human-made melatonin which has the sedative effect and products like tea and coffee which contain caffeine. According to the research made, the caffeine is good for people with a blood level of 12 oz. If you can take the proper five hours to sleep at night time, then you must drink two cups of coffee right after you wake up and two cups after four hours.