Some Hilarious Expectation Versus Reality Photos

Some Hilarious Expectation Versus Reality Photos 1

Well, can you tell that what is the primary factor that separates the human beings from the animals? You also keep on something about these facts one day. Ok, let us imagine according to our ability that we too look like animals. Even, we can foresee ourselves and believe in the way we want. You need not perform that in practical view to look like it. It is the same as the fact that we say we should not touch the blazing fire to find out that what is the meaning of the incite pain. Also, we need not jump on the piece of lego to find out that how much it will hurt us. We can make some imaginations and guess that how it might feel to you.

You may even have some grand notions that tell us that what will turn out of it. But the fact is the life will smack us in to face reality. Here are some pictures of the people who think the things will eventually turn out to better than they are.

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The guy was planning for the romantic date for him and his lady. You expect the trail of having the rose petals, and you both are together leading to the warm, embracing bubble bath. You maintained everything for the glorious celebration of your anniversary. But it will make you a bit laugh when you find that when you try to clamber in, then you find your bathtub is not fit for you both together at one time. That means it has spoilt your evening together.

Some Hilarious Expectation Versus Reality Photos 2

Well, after so much force, you visit the sandwich shop to buy a sandwich in which you have never been ever in the lifetime. It happened because of the enticing the advertisement that shows the tomato and mozzarella panini that are mouth watering when you sight them for the first time. Not only these things appear to be delicious, but it is also of about mere 750 calories, and you think that you cannot fit those things into your daily caloric intake. And when the sandwich arrives, you find that there is two half of the tomatoes and one half melted mozzarella cheese.

Some Hilarious Expectation Versus Reality Photos 3

Ok, let us imagine that your iPhone fell from a mere one and a half feet and the glass of your phones breaks down and hence might give you an attack of its breaking sound. And you turn around to see that how much it has got damaged, then your heart is always shattering because you think that it is a worse situation than your first love has almost dumped you. And hence you turn this moment of gloom into the moment of pride. And even you google the ways by which you can turn this mistake into a blessing in disguise and stumble on the Tumblr post that helps to reveal the beautiful artwork. And with that, you get the results.

Some Hilarious Expectation Versus Reality Photos 4

At every New Year, you promise yourself to get in the shape. And hence you decide to take your scoop of the pre-workout protein and also avoid the hunger pangs. But later you move to the gym all you see are the buff guys are groaning, the skinny girls are all squatting 300 pounds and hence grandpas in the better way shape than you have already. So if you want to have the best results, another option is you can scroll through the Instagram photos.

Some Hilarious Expectation Versus Reality Photos 5

All that the young man wants is the thick mustache on their face along with the intimidating beard. But die to genetics many men are not blessed with the thick one and so after three weeks growing mustache; you decide that you will no longer want to be like an adolescent Pedro from Napolean Dynamite.

Some Hilarious Expectation Versus Reality Photos 6

Hence after reading these examples, I think you might be sure that expectations always hurt but that does not mean we should stop thinking and dreaming about something. You should make sure never to over expect something such that it might hurt you later.

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