Top 8 Beauty Procedures That Can Never Get Done On Themselves

Top 8 Beauty Procedures That Can Never Get Done On Themselves 1

We get a wide range of cosmetic procedures from beauty parlors. The beauty parlors promise us that our skin will shine and they will get rid of fine lines. They also swear us that our breasts will get lifted without any surgical procedures. According to parlors, we do not need any surgery to look more beautiful. But these all procedures are not safe as they advertised much.

Through this article, you all will get to know about all the cosmetic procedures that these procedures are more harmful than healthy. In this article, you will read the result of a research study conducted by us on this topic.

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Permanent makeup

Top 8 Beauty Procedures That Can Never Get Done On Themselves 2

The permanent make that is Microblading of lips, eyes, and eyebrows is a tattoo. With this procedure, some people can get unpleasant effects like swelling and inflammation of scars and tissues the same as some patients get in regular symbols.

The result of the study was, “When I got my Microblading, it took two weeks to look normal. The color will not be so intense although the swelling will go down.”

Lip augmentation

The lip augmentation results only last for a short period. The fullness of lips lasts for five to six months, and then the lips become to initial state. So for this procedure, a woman has to bear pain every six months.

The result of the study is, “Swelling remain for 4-5 days and I was looking like a duck. During the two weeks, I felt like there is something hard in my lips.”

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Top 8 Beauty Procedures That Can Never Get Done On Themselves 3

This procedure gets implemented under general anesthesia, and it needs a minimum 2-3 weeks for its recovery, and you may even get hyperpigmentation on the operated area. Around 18.7% of patients all around the world suffer from it according to American scientists.

The result of the study is, “This procedure does not result in weight loss. The area where liposuction gets operated becomes smaller, and other parts of the body can store fats and become bigger and bigger.”

Fish pedicure

This pedicure gets done with toothless Garra Rufa fish. Such kind of procedure starts with thorough washing and disinfection of your feet. After this, your feet are put in the tank of warm water with fish in the tank.

The result of the study is,” The fish in the tank has been nibbling on feet of many people in the tank. So it is always worrying. I recommend staying away from it.”

Facial acupuncture

Top 8 Beauty Procedures That Can Never Get Done On Themselves 4

This procedure promises a woman to get a babyface which means that woman will get perfect contouring and get rid of fine lines. In this procedure, more than 100 thin needles are inserted into the facial skin.

The result of the study is, “I noticed there is no difference whosoever has performed it. It is just a placebo effect through which people feel cool.”

Ear candling

In this process, a hollow candle is placed in your ear canal. The flames of the candle create a vacuum which removes all kinds of dirt from the ear. This procedure may result in ear burns, or even ear canal can get blocked.

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The result of the study is, “You should not perform it under any circumstances. This procedure can ruin your hearing permanently.”

Tooth whitening

Top 8 Beauty Procedures That Can Never Get Done On Themselves 5

After this procedure, people are promised to have a “Hollywood smile”. This process results in thinning of tooth enamel that makes your teeth look white. This procedure also damages oral mucosa. According to many people, this process is too painful, and your teeth remain white for a short period.

The result of the study is, “Teeth return to their initial state after weeks. Doctors also said that you might have to get your teeth to whiten again in a year.”

Botox breast lift

In this process, the Botox is injected into the pectoral muscles through which their breasts will look more attractive. This is a costly process, and its effects only last for six months. According to scientists, people who are going to the gym can get better results, and it will be safer than injections.